Mindful Movement @ Power of Now Oasis


The Yoga is different here. 


I had the opportunity and pleasure to experience the Graduation and last two days of the one month long 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Power of Now Oasis. I arrived early in the morning to be sure to attend the full day of classes where the newly certified teachers, teach their very first class in order to graduate!


Upon arrival I was greeted by teacher Mallika and the owner Chris and right away they were so incredibly kind and hospitable. They arranged for me to drop my bags off and get settled before I attended my first class. I hopped on the back of a scooter and clutched onto Yuyun, a member of the staff. With my arms around her I grabbed onto the handle of my roller bag for a balancing act in the front area of the scooter. I was then taken for a fun ride to the 'Kolonial House' just a few minutes down the road from their yoga studio on the beach. 


Truly a gem, you enter the white doors and cross over a bridge and green koi pond to the entrance. Several green pools lay just behind the reception area in the distance. Greeted by smiling kind faces, I dropped my bags off and they let me know that Chris the owner would be leaving so I could take his room. Like I said, very hospitable! Now it was time for class!


The Power of Now Oasis Yoga Studio is a two-story bamboo structure, and the only beach front yoga studio in Bali. I made my way up to the ‘studio’ on the second story. As soon as you reach the stairs there is a board that reads, “Yoga Without Mindfulness is Just Exercise.” I took a picture and immediately posted it with a caption that read, “Yesss!!!! Exactly!”. Right away I knew I was going to like this place.


We started class and there were 4 different newly certified teachers to lead a fourth of the class for the next 2 hour session. The teacher training and classes are Vinyasa - Hatha Yoga. Before class the newly trained teacher Lauren came around and asked every person about any injuries. I appreciated the attentiveness and care as my right wrist had been acting up from recent yoga, so she let me know who I could follow in class for modifications. This was extremely helpful. 


As we began, the first student-teacher let us know that the intention for this class was Self Love. Our intentions were set and throughout the class we worked on placing attention in opening our hearts and giving and receiving love with our bodies. I had never had this level of mindful movement in a yoga class and I so appreciated the flows, intention and pace we were instructed in. I especially loved the way the cool ocean breeze would put me to ease and in a state of gratitude and bliss. 


In most classes, I’m usually the weirdo who is two yoga poses behind everyone else because I’m taking the extra time to stretch out my aches, tight muscles and listen to my body. I wasn’t that weirdo here. I have to admit, these were some of the most beautiful and intentional yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to take the teacher training. But luckily, I was invited to the graduation ceremony which would take place the following night. So I was able to meet the student-teachers and ask them.  


The next morning I was woken by an earthquake. I was on the second story (in Chris’s room) and in a large canopy bed. The canopy and entire place was swaying left to right, I immediately ran downstairs. Surprisingly no one had left their rooms so I went back up and experienced the after shock in bed. There had been a 6.4 earthquake in Lombok, an island away. Fortunately we were safe in Bali. However, sadly and unfortunately the Island of Lombok was devastated and many were injured. Indonesia lies right along the Ring of Fire, there are many earthquakes here but I think it is something the locals have gotten used to. As a Californian I guess I’m pretty used to it too. 


When I asked the yoga teacher Megan who lead the training about the earthquake that night at graduation she replied, “Yes it’s very humbling. Between the volcano and the earthquakes we realize how powerless we are.” I appreciated this reminder. 


Being able to attend the graduation was so much fun and great to see how much the teachers Myron, Mallika, Megan and students deeply appreciated and respected one another. I didn’t get a lot of the inside jokes which was a nice way of being able to tell these people were a tight group. I asked one student what her favorite part of the whole experience was and she said, “The People. The first day the teachers told us to look around because this group was going to become our family. I didn’t believe it at first but now I completely agree. I don’t have siblings, or a dad, and I truly feel like this group is my family now. I can’t wait to start visiting everyone and have them visit me.” She also said that she now understood the idea of, “I feel what you mean.” Usually people “Know what you mean” with their mind but now she can feel what people mean. I thought that was awesome, and that same idea shined through the courses with me as well. “There is an understanding you have with your heart, instead of your mind”, she explained. 


The students and teachers stayed up late, had great food, cake, talked and laughed late into the evening. I myself went to sleep, but I could hear all the fun and deep conversations they were having late into the night. Many of the student kept telling me to sign up for the teacher training. This isn’t in the cards for me right now, but if I had to choose any place to take a yoga teacher training, Power of Now Oasis would be it. 


Thank you Power of Now Oasis for letting me experience this special event. The following week I will get to experience their Retreat. And that, is another blog post!


Much Love and Light, 


Sarah Reyna